The little league days

In the early ‘90s, my father, a 30 year Little League Umpire veteran, realized a need for a more effective, more efficient way to achieve hitting repetition while enhancing overall batting technique. His vision was turned into reality when he developed a hitting product for me and siblings as a means of focusing on proper hitting mechanics. This free standing, bulky product was very difficult to transport from one location to another but when set up, allowed him to critique our hitting stance, body movement, swing technique and ability to swing through the ball. All crucial techniques young players look to achieve as they grow into more competitive leagues. His product vision helped us excel as baseball and softball hitters.

This vision still exists as we focus on bringing our children to be great ball players. The vision behind the product still looks to achieve these basic elements of the game, in order to help players develop, improve or enhance their hitting skills. From young players first taking a step onto the field to more seasoned athletes seeking more effective simulation, this product meets the demand.